How To Reuse Old Workouts To Create New Ones In The Future. (whoa)

Want to use the exact or a similar workout to one you've already created for a future workout? Here's how you can use old workouts as a template for new ones.

    1. Navigate to the Workouts tab on the app.
    2. Click on the client that has the workout you would like to copy.
    3. Choose the workout from the list.
    4. Click on the green Copy button on the top of your screen. 
    5. Click the client(s) you would like to copy the workout to.
    6. Click Copy in the top right corner of your screen. 
    7. You will receive a message: "Workout was successfully copied to (Client Name). To view, go to (Client Name) Workout page.
    8. Once the workout is successfully copied to the right profile, simply edit the date of the workout and there you have it! You have successfully copied a workout and saved for a later date.

    To favorite (or save a workout for later), you will need to add the workout to My Favorites. To add a workout to this, follow these directions:

    1. Navigate to the Workouts tab on the app.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of your clients and you will see a category labeled My Favorites, click on this.
    3. Press the + button in the top right portion of your screen.
    4. Create your workout and click Add.
    5. You will now have a new My Favorite workout and will be able to apply this to any current or future clients!