How To View Client's Progress Graphs (Computer)

Want to see how far a client has come? Here's how to view their progress as easy-to-read graphs.

    Note: In order for the graphs to populate, the client (or you, the trainer) must have input two or more data points in for the specific graph you are trying to view.

    For example, in order to see a graph on the weights used for a specific exercise, you or the client must have recorded two separate instances of that exercise being performed. This comes in the form of separate sets or workouts.

    Once you have the appropriate amount of data in FitSW, the graphs will populate.

    To view a client's progress tracking graphs, click on the Clients tab at the top of your screen. (See image below.)

    Clients for a personal trainer


    Once you are on the Client List page, find the client you would like to see the Progress Tracking Graphs for. Then, select Graphs on the right portion of the screen. (See image below.) 

    progress graph for personal trainer


    You will now be able to view the graphs for all of the assessments you have for a particular personal training client. Clients can also view these but in a slightly different way. If you would like to view your progress tracking graphs and you are a client, see our guide for clients on FitSW Personal Training Software's Help Center.