How To Use The Schedule Feature (Computer)

Schedule clients and manage your appointments from FitSW's schedule!

    From the home page (you will start on the Client List page), select the Schedule tab at the top of the screen. (See image below.)

    scheduling feature for personal trainers


    Once you are at the Scheduler page, double click on the calendar. After you double click, a new screen will appear. (See image below.)

    schedule view for FitSW Personal Trainer Software

    Enter in the title of the appointment, a description, the type (which client), if there will be any reminders, and the time period that it will take up. After all of the values are entered, click Save, in the bottom left of the box. 


    You will now be able to see the appointment on your calendar. You can easily see the details, edit, or delete appointments by simply clicking on them. The clients of personal trainers can use our software to request appointments with their trainers. If you are a client and not the personal trainer, look at our other Help Center guides on how to request an appointment with your personal trainer.