How To Update Which Bank Account You Receive Client Payments To (iOS)

Payments are a large part of personal training. If you need to switch what bank account you receive payment to, it only takes a couple of steps!

    To update your payment information, you must start out by clicking More in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. (See image below.)

    More section for FitSW Personal Trainer App


    Once you are on the More page, click on the button or category titled Financials. (See image below.) 

    Financials screen for for FitSW Personal Trainer App


    Once you are on the Financials page, you will first get a message saying:

    Your clients can make a payment one of three ways:

    1) Going to your public Trainer Page ([yourbusiness]), there is a payment area at the bottom of the page.

    2) Logging into with their account and going to the Payments tab.

    3) Logging into the FitSW mobile app and going to their Financials menu item.


    Below this, it will say: "Click the following link to see your payments dashboard: Payments Dashboard" - Click the blue lettering that says Payments Dashboard. (See image below.)

    Payments for for FitSW Personal Trainer software


    Once you are on the Financials page, click the blue EDIT button located directed under your balance. (See image below.)

    Payment account for for FitSW


    You will be redirected to the Account tab on the Financials page. Scroll down on that page and you will see a section titled Payout Details. This is where you can change your Routing and Account Number for your bank and update which account you will receive money from your personal training clients.