How To Pay Your Trainer (Computer)

Paying your trainer is easy and can be done in seconds!

    In order to pay your personal trainer, the client must first navigate to the payment page. Click the Payments button on the top portion of your screen. This will automatically direct you to the screen where you will pay your trainer. (See image below.)

    pay your personal trainer


    Next, enter the amount that you owe your trainer. If you do not know how much you owe, you can contact your trainer directly in the software by clicking the Messages button in the top right portion of your screen. Next click Make Payment. 

    A new screen will appear, asking you for your credit card information. Once you have entered all of the information, select Pay. (See image below.)

    how to pay your personal trainer

    If your payment was successful, you will be redirected to a payment success page. Congratulations! You have successfully paid your personal trainer! 


    FitSW Personal Trainer Software currently uses stripe to manage and process its payments. To find out more about stripe, go to