How To Edit Client Permissions (Computer)

You can give your personal training clients with various permissions. This includes the ability to add workouts, meal plans, tasks, and even new assessments!

    Client permissions allows clients to do the following things:

    1. Edit and Add Workouts 
    2. Create their own exercises
    3. Edit and Add Assessments 
    4. Edit the Assessments list
    5. Edit and Add Foods
    6. Edit and Add Tasks


    To change client permissions, client on the Account button on the top portion of your screen. Next, click Settings on the pull-down menu that appears. (See image below.)

    Settings for FitSW


    The second category on your screen will be Client Permissions. This is where you can edit and allow what permissions your client has. Client permissions apply to every client and cannot be changed client-to-client. (See image below.)

    client permissions in fitsw personal trainer software