How To Create Comparison Photos Of Progress Pictures (Computer)

Compare progress photos side by side to see how much you have progressed!

    To create comparison photos of progress pictures (to see how to upload progress pictures, visit our help center article on uploading progress pictures), you must first click on the Progress tab at the top of your screen. Then a pull-down menu will appear with a list of 3 options. Choose Progress Pics to continue. (See image below.)

    comparison photos for personal training clients


    Once you are on the Progress Pics page, you can view all of your previous uploaded pictures. Each photo contains an X (delete the photo) in the top left and a Comparison (create a comparison photo) button in the top right. (See image below.)

    compare photos for FitSW Personal Trainer Software


    To create a comparison, click Compare in the top right of the picture you would like to compare and then select an additional photo to compare to. Once you have selected 2 photos, our system will automatically generate a comparison photo for you and redirect you to the Comparison Photos page. Comparison photos of progress pictures is a great way for the personal trainer to show the client how far they have come since they have started training together!