How To Create a Bundle ID For Custom App (iOS)

This is step 2 (#2) for creating a profile for your iOS custom app!

    1) Go to

    2) Click "Account"

    3) Click Certificate, ID's, & Profiles on the left side of your screen.  



    4) Enter an App ID Description

    5) Fill in Bundle ID (com.fitsw.[your business name]): This portion MUST be lower case and without spaces.

    6) Click Continue

    7) A confirmation page will appear (see image below) - Click "Register"



    8) Return to App Store Connect

    9) Click + in top left (see image above)

    10) Check iOS - Type in your desired name, choose a language.

    11) Choose Bundle ID that you just created (SKU = 1.0)

    12) Click Full Access

    13) Click Create



    14) Then, click the app and fill in your preferred App Name and Subtitle

    15) Fill in your privacy policy URL.  If you don't have a privacy policy, you can use FitSW's privacy policy:

    16) Set the categories you wish your app to be under

    17) Click Save



    18) On the left side, under iOS Apps click the item that says "1.0 Prepare for Submission"

    19) Fill in what you would like for Description, Keywords, Support URL, and Marketing URL.  You can use your webpage as your support URL and Marketing URL.  If you do not have a webpage, you can use for support and for marketing.

    20) FitSW will take care of filling in the rest of the information!