How To Create An Account (iOS)

Creating an account with FitSW is completely free and only takes a few clicks!

    To create an account (as a personal trainer / fitness coach / gym), click the Sign Up as Trainer button, located directly underneath the Log In button. (See image below.)

    Sign Up As Trainer


    Only personal trainers / fitness coaches / gyms can sign up for accounts. If you are a client, then your personal trainer / fitness coach / gym will create your account for you. 


    After clicking the Sign Up as Trainer text, you will be redirected to a new screen. This is where the trainer/gym will enter the email and password that will be used for the account. After filling in this information, click the large green button labeled Sign Up as Trainer


    Congratulations! You may now start adding clients to your client list, create new workouts / adding new exercises, entering new assessments, updating your profile information, creating tasks for your clients (if you have already added clients), upgrading your plan to either a trainer or gym account and so much more! Take some time to explore the personal trainer app we have created!