How to Create a Workout (Computer)

Wanna give your client(s) some more burpees? This article will walk you through creating and adding workouts to client profiles.

    From the Clients or Client List page, select the client you would like to create a workout for and click the blue, Workouts button. (See image below.) 

    Before creating a workout, you have to have at least one client added to your trainer account.

    workouts for personal training clients


    Once you are on the Workouts page for the personal training client you chose, you can now start creating a workout. Click the Add Workout button on the top-right portion of the screen. (See image below.)

    add workout button


    Next choose the dates you would like your client to perform these workouts, the name of the workout, and whether or not you would like this workout to repeat (daily, weekly). You can also apply this new workout to additional clients from this screen as well. 


    Then, you will add the exercises you want the workout to contain. If you want to add a new exercise, that is not in our exercise database, check out the other article on how to do so:


    Once you are satisfied with your workout, select Save Workout. Your workout is now added to the clients you chose. You can easily edit, copy, email, print, and favorite workouts from the Workouts screen.