How To Create A Blog Post & Change The Web Address (Computer)

Quickly write your own fitness blog and personalize your fitness blogs web address.

    Check out our video demo and write up describing how to use the blog features.

    How To Create A Blog Post

    First, click on the My Blog button on the top of your screen. (See image below.)

    blog for personal trainers


    Once you have clicked on the My Blog button, you are redirected to a screen that is titled Posts Summary. This is where you will view all of your previous blog posts, as well as where you will add all of your upcoming and new blog posts. To create a new blog post, click the + Add New button on the left side of your screen (See image below.)

    add new blog circled for FitSW Personal Trainer Software


    You will be taken to a screen in which you are required to enter the information of the blog post. This includes sections such as the title, the content, and who the blog post will be viewable by (anyone, your personal training clients only). Once you have completed entering the information, click Create Post located in the bottom left of the screen. To see an example of what the page with this information looks like, see the image below. 

    blog creation example


    Once you have created the post, you can see it under the My Blog or Post Summary page, in the library of blog posts you have created. Your clients will automatically have a link to your blog on their FitSW menu. When posting, you can choose who can view your posts: clients only or everyone.


    How To Change Your Blog's Web Address

    You can change this web address if you would like by going to your Profile page and updating Page Address. If you have any other questions about FitSW Personal Trainer Software's Blog, contact us!