How To Copy Workouts (Android)

Need to create a workout similar to one you've already created? Scroll through to find out how to copy an existing workout from one client to another or even to the same client.

    To copy a workout, start out by pushing the “hamburger icon” and click on the Workouts.

    hamburger icon



    Once you are on the workouts page, click the client that you want to copy the workout from, the favorite workout you want to copy, or the workout from the all clients tab that you want to copy.


    For this example, let’s click on one of our clients.

    workouts for new clients



    Then, click on one of the workouts.

    Specific workout for your client



    Now, you should be able to see the workout details, where there should be the Copy button right next to the e-mail button.

    Copying workout for other clients



    Next, click the client you want to copy the workout to the my favorites category, or to the all clients category. After you have chosen your desired location, click the Copy button in the top right portion of the screen.