How To Copy / Favorite Workouts (Computer)

You can easily copy/favorite workouts with the click of a button! This will save you a great deal of time when creating fitness programs for your future clients.

    To copy / favorite a workout, click on the Clients button on the top of your screen. (See image below.)clients circled for fitsw personal trainer software


    Once you are on the Client List page, click the blue Workouts button in the column located next to a client's name. (See image below.)

    workout column for your clients


    Copying Workouts

    Click the Copy button on the workout that you would like to copy. (See image below.)

    copy workouts for your other personal training clients


    You will be directed to a new screen. This is where you will change or edit any information that you choose. When you are satisfied with how the workout is built, click the Copy Workout button on the bottom left of the page. (See image below.)

    copying workouts in fitsw personal trainer software


    Favorite a Workout

    Click the Favorite button next to the workout that you would like to favorite. (See image below.)

    favorite workouts for personal trainers


    You will receive a notification at the top of your screen saying: "Success! Your workout has been added to your Favorites! Access your favorite workouts here". 


    To view, all of your favorite workouts, scroll to the bottom of your Client List and click My Favorites under the workouts column.