How To Cancel Your Premium Subscription (iOS)

If you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, follow the steps below to have your account removed

    If you would like to cancel your premium subscription of FitSW, start off by clicking the More button on the bottom right portion of your screen. (See image below.)


    Once you are on the More screen, click on the Settings category or section to proceed. (See image below.)


    At the very bottom of the Settings page, there will be blue text saying, "Cancel FitSW Account". Click on this text to continue the process of canceling your trainer or gym account. 

    You will get a message saying, "If you would like to cancel, tap Cancel Account below and we will remove your account and all of your data. Removing your data cannot be undone. We would appreciate some quick feedback on your reason for canceling and how we can improve"

    After you have entered your feedback in the text box provided, click Cancel FitSW Account. After this, all of your data will be removed, which cannot be undone or reset.