How To Add New Food To Food List (Computer)

We have thousands of foods, though you can add your own custom foods anytime!

    From the home page (you will start on the Client List page), select the Foods tab at the top of the screen. (See image below.)

    foods for personal trainers


    You will be directed to the Food List page, where you can see all of the foods that are located in our database, as well as all of the foods that you have previously entered/created. Click the Add Food tab in the top right portion of your screen to continue the process of adding a new food. (See image below.)

    add food button


    A new page will appear, titled Add Food. This is where you will enter values such as the food name, how many calories does it have per serving, how much protein, how many carbs, how much fat, and an (optional) info link. Once you have entered all of the values, click Save. (See image below.)

    add food modal window


    You will now be able to see the food you added at the top of the Food List. (See image below.)

    new food personal trainer added


    Using FitSW personal training software, you can easily edit or delete foods at any time! If you are a client viewing this guide and do not see an option to add a food, it is because your personal trainer needs to grant you permission or access to do so in their software. If your personal trainer grants you permission (in the settings of our software), then you can add foods to the food list as well!