How To Add An New Exercise (Computer)

You can add unlimited exercises to our software! While we have nearly 1000 exercises in our database, you can add more at anytime!

    From the home page (you will start on the Client List page), select the Exercises tab at the top of the screen. (See image below.)

    exercises for personal training clients


    You will then be directed to the Exercises page. Once you have reached this page, select Add Exercise in the top right portion of your screen. (See image below.)

    add new exercse for personal training clients


    A new tab will open that is titled Add Exercise. Here is where you will enter what muscle group the exercise will target, the name of the exercise, and a demo link (a video of how to perform an exercise that the personal trainer created). (See image below.)

    add exercise


    You will see your new exercise at the top of the page. (See image below.)

    where to see new exercise

    Using FitSW Personal Training Software, you can easily edit, add, or delete workouts as you see fit!