How To Add A New Assessment (Computer)

Need to get to know your client better? Here's how to add "assessments" to your clients profile and even default assessments that automatically populate to new clients.

    From the home page (you will start on the Client List page), select the Assessments tab at the top of the screen. (See image below.)

    assessments circled


    After this, you will be directed to the Assessments page. You can either create a "Default" assessment that will be assigned to new clients, or you can choose a specific client you would like to add an assessment for. 


    Next, you will click the Add Assessment button in the top right portion of your screen. (See image below). 

    add assessment for personal training client


    Once you click the Add Assessment button, a new screen will appear. This is where you will enter the values for the assessment name and a description of the assessment. You can apply this assessment to just one of your personal training clients (if you chose a specific client) or add this assessment to all of your personal training clients. (See image below.)

    add assessment example


    Once you click either Add to All Clients or Add to Just this Client, the assessment has been added. The fitness coach can always edit or delete assessments as they see fit.