Creating A Meal Plan (Computer)

How to quickly add meal plans to your clients account in the FitSW platform.

    To create a meal plan, go to the Clients tab. (See image below.)

    creating a meal plan for clients


    Once you are on the Clients page, choose the personal training client you would like to create a meal plan for. There are three sections next to each client: Workouts, Tasks, and Diets. Click on the blue Diets category next to your desired client. (See image below.)

    diets for personal training clients


    Click on the Diets button next to the client profile you want to add a meal to, you will be redirected to a screen titled [Your Client's Name] Diets. You now must click the Add Diet button on the top right portion of your screen. (See image below.)

    add diet button


    Once the previous steps have been completed, you can now start creating your diet. Enter the dates you wish the meal plan to be perused during, the name of the diet, and whether you want this diet to repeat (daily or weekly). After this, you need to choose any additional personal training clients (if any) you want this meal plan applied to. (See image below.)

    diet creation example for FitSW Online Personal Trainer Software 

    Now enter the foods that you want the diet to have. You can do this by clicking the Add Food button. If a particular food is not in our database, you can easily add your own foods. Check out our other help article about adding new foods if you are uncertain about how to do this

    Once you have created your meal plan, click Save Diet. Your diet is now complete and can be easily edited or deleted in the Diets section of a particular client.