Creating A Meal Plan (Android)

Want to create a meal plan for your client? Here's how to create a comprehensive meal plan for your clients that you'll be able to track as they progress through the plan.

    To create a meal plan for your personal training clients, start by clicking the “hamburger icon.”  Now, slide down to where Diets is, and click it.  

    Client List with Hamburger icon circled Diets circled


    Once you are on the Diets screen, select a client you would like to create a meal plan for. If you would like to add a meal plan to your favorites, or create a meal plan for all of your clients, simply scroll to the bottom of the Diets screen and create the meal plan under the categories My Favorites or All Clients.

    Once you have selected a client, or are in the My Favorites or All Clients section of the diets screen, click the + button in the bottom right portion of your screen.

    The next screen that comes up is where you will enter data such as the diet name, the start date of the diet, whether you want this diet to be a single event or repeated daily/weekly, any additional notes, and where you will add all of the foods in the meal plan. Once you have entered all of this information and all of the foods you want to be on the meal plan, click the check mark button in the top right corner of your screen.

    nutrition plan for personal trainer software


    Once you have clicked the checkmark button, your diet will now be saved to either a specific client, all clients, or to your favorite diets list. You can easily copy or email diets by clicking the Copy or the “mail icon” buttons when you are in a meal plan that you created.

    copy button circled